Crisis Communications

Paynter Communications Crisis

Crises take many forms. Sometimes they evolve over time, allowing organizations to develop a communications strategy in advance. At other times, they happen abruptly and organizations are expected to communicate immediately. Whatever the crisis, communications can sometimes determine whether your organization will survive – and even thrive – when the media turn their attention elsewhere.

Paynter Communications has helped organizations communicate effectively through a variety of high-stakes situations, including:

  • Workplace accidents (some fatal), chemical releases, fires and explosions
  • Reductions in workforce including facility closings and reductions resulting from restructurings, mergers and acquisitions
  • Unethical or criminal employee behavior, sometimes at the top of the organization, including embezzlement, patient abuse in healthcare settings, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct against minors
  • Product recalls and consumer complaints
  • Organized labor disputes, including walkouts and strikes
  • Boycotts, public demonstrations and civil disturbances
  • Sudden, unplanned leadership changes
  • Regulatory issues and investigations, including Department of Justice investigations, OSHA and EPA citations
  • Litigation, including intellectual property disputes, accusations of sexual harassment and breach of contract

Whatever the crisis, we can help your organization respond effectively so you emerge with your reputation intact and, perhaps, even enhanced.

“I am deeply appreciative of the wonderful service you have provided to the school over these past months. Your wisdom and your kindness have helped my growth and understanding – both of crisis communications and of the human person. Thank you for your great kindness to us and for retaining us as a client. We are better for it.”

Rev. William J. Murphy, S.J.

Former President, Saint Ignatius High School, Cleveland