Reputation Management

Paynter Communications Reputation

It’s not what you say about your organization that matters. It’s what others say. That’s why reputation management is so important.

A good reputation is built over time, and smart organizations recognize that it doesn’t take much to harm a reputation, especially with social media posts that quickly go “viral.” If that happened to your organization, who would defend you?

Our work in this area focuses on three key steps:

  • Are you doing the right thing? If so, are you communicating effectively about the good you’re doing?
  • Have you identified threats to your reputation? If so, what are you doing to protect your organization against those threats?
  • Are you prepared to respond if something happens to threaten your organization’s reputation?

People make decisions about organizations based on trust. Prospective employees decide whether they want to come work for you based on what they know about your reputation. Customers choose between your product and a competitor’s, based on whether they trust you to deliver on your promises. Whether your clients have a good experience will determine whether they return and recommend your services to family and friends, or whether they post negative reviews online.

If you’re doing everything right, make sure you’re telling that story effectively – not just in your marketing materials, but throughout your organization. In this era of social media, it’s absolutely essential to create a culture where leadership hears about concerns before they are aired publicly. Then you can take steps to resolve problems before they reach crisis proportions.

Effective public relations will strengthen your reputation so that employees, customers, vendors and community leaders have a positive impression of your organization. We can help you develop communications that enhance relationships with those who matter most.

“One of the good things that came out of all of this is that you answered the phone on that Friday afternoon, and I have had the chance to work with you. Whenever possible, I tell folks about you and the work we did.”

Travis Brownley

Head of School, Marin Academy, San Rafael, California