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Paynter Communications Reputation Management

Reputation Management

People make decisions about organizations based on trust. Prospective employees decide whether they want to come work for you based on what they know about your reputation.

Strategic Communications

Organizations have countless options available today for communicating. In addition to the traditional avenues of public relations and advertising, there’s the entirely “new” realm of digital and social media.

Crisis Communications

Crises take many forms. Sometimes they evolve over time, allowing organizations to develop a communications strategy in advance.

Issues Management

Perhaps your industry has built-in risks. You may face scrutiny from regulators, from advocacy groups or even from your neighbors.

Paynter Communications Reputation Management

Litigation Communications

We’ve all read media accounts of lawsuits. Allegations in the complaint are reported as fact while the organization targeted by the lawsuit responds by saying, “We don’t comment on pending litigation.”

Media Relations

In years past, media relations typically consisted of building relationships with reporters and helping organizations “pitch” their stories to trade publications, newspaper, TV and radio reporters. But media today is much broader, including bloggers and “citizen journalists” who play an increasingly important role in disseminating information.