Issues Management

Paynter Communications Issues

Perhaps your industry has built-in risks. You may face scrutiny from regulators, from advocacy groups or even from your neighbors.

Or perhaps you’re preparing to announce a significant change – an acquisition or merger, new leadership for your organization, or a controversial initiative. Maybe you’re entering into a new market and want to hone your messages appropriately for the community, potential customers or your new neighbors.

Here are some of the issues we’ve helped clients address:

  • Criticism from activist groups about additives in plastics
  • Regulated clean-ups of industrial sites under EPA guidelines
  • Intellectual property disputes and litigation
  • Media scrutiny and investigative reports related to company practices, particularly in complex industries like financial services, healthcare and chemical manufacturing

Whatever issues your organization faces, Paynter Communications can help you communicate effectively with those most important to you, including your employees, customers, opinion leaders and the media.

“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your work for MetroHealth. We got your complete attention, knowledge and judgment and incredible responsiveness. I would be happy to work again with you anytime (but not wishing for any more issues).”

Mark Moran

(former) CEO & President, MetroHealth System, Cleveland