Litigation Communications

Paynter Communications Litigation

We’ve all read media accounts of lawsuits. Allegations in the complaint are reported as fact while the organization targeted by the lawsuit responds by saying, “We don’t comment on pending litigation.”

You’ve spent years building strong relationships with your employees, customers and local community, and a high-profile lawsuit can threaten those relationships. Will they believe the allegations in the lawsuit? What impact will it have on your reputation?

Meanwhile, the case drags out in court and, by the time you win the case – or perhaps it’s even settled or dismissed – you can’t undo the damage done by those first reports, which appear in every “Google” search online.

Effective litigation communications can help influence those early reports before allegations become established facts in the Court of Public Opinion. Whether it’s an intellectual property dispute, a medical malpractice claim or claim of sexual harassment, Paynter Communications will work with your legal counsel to help you communicate effectively in the “Court of Public Opinion” while the case makes its way through the “Court of Law.”

“Barb did a great job. She was responsive and persuasive in moving us to take her advice, while taking our input. We are very pleased.”

Robert C. Smith

President & CEO, Spero-Smith Investment Advisers, Inc., Cleveland