Media Relations

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In years past, media relations typically consisted of building relationships with reporters and helping organizations “pitch” their stories to trade publications, newspaper, TV and radio reporters. But media today is much broader, including bloggers and “citizen journalists” who play an increasingly important role in disseminating information to very targeted audiences. And things move very quickly, as reporters build and post their stories incrementally rather than waiting until the reporting is complete. Today’s highly competitive media environment demands transparency, while companies have a responsibility to protect proprietary information and the privacy of their employees and customers.

How can organizations navigate these challenges and know which channels are most important to their audiences? What are the rules of engagement with reporters determined to get the story first? Should you include bloggers? What about social media channels?

Paynter Communications has helped numerous organizations prepare for media interviews and editorial boards, work with trade publications, identify and reach out to bloggers and other “citizen journalists” and develop strategies for social media initiatives.

Make sure you’re prepared for media inquiries by including a carefully crafted media relations component in your communications strategy.

“Barb Paynter worked with Legal Aid on a short-term public relations project focused on print media. She was phenomenal! After an initial meeting with our leadership staff, she was able to help us better highlight the key issues so we could effectively work with the various newspaper editorial boards. She continued to work with us and helped us prepare for subsequent meetings and articles. The outcome was better than expected – Barb’s assistance helped us not only with the short-term public relations project, but we now have a good long-term relationship with key newspaper staff. Thank you!”

Melanie A. Shakarian, Esq.

Director of Development, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland